Fell free to run

One of the most popular New Year’s resolution is that about loosing weight. It doesn’t matter about sex so men and women wish to keep fit in New Year and they start to go to the gym or swimming pool or….they start running because running is simple and easy to start.

How to start

Well, New Year’s came and what about resolution? A lot of people just go out and they start running without any preparation before. That’s not a good idea if they didn’t do anything before, they spent lives in front of TV. So the best idea is to go to the specialized shop or a webiste where they can find people whom will give them some advices. Important thing is to have good clothes, breathable t-shirt and trousers and of course shoes. Without a right pair of shoes running can do damages so start from shoes made for runners. Buying new pair of shoes it’s important to make a test before and to check what type of shoes will be the best because people has different types of feet. It seems to be a bit complicated but having a place where you can find informations, clothes and accessories running will be a huge pleasure.

Don’t give up

Starting something new people has got motivations and a lot of enthousiasm. All that is great at the beginning but the most important is to don’t loose it. Day by day human body will be stronger but loosing energy is normal so don’t give up, go further, stay strong and the results will be the best reward for that hard job you did. You will get fit and you will know how to keep it.

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  1. Kate says:

    I’ve started to run on Monday  …..few yrs ago and I still do that. Loosing weight is only one of the best thing I got from that.

  2. Sophia says:

    Can I ask some questions about clothes for woman?

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