Don’t run away

Sport is good for health – that’s obvious but knowing that without practising doesn’t change anything. So the most important thing is to understand that theory and only talking is not enough. Everybody should take a decision when to start and do that without any hesitation. So maybe running will be the right choice?

Tips for beginners

Health benefits of running are enjoyable and funny. Runners feel free – they put clothes, comfortable shoes, very often they take their favourite music and they run. Beginners has big expectations and they thing that after just a day or two they will get all they want but running means that they have to be patient. Than time is the priority. Another thing is to have good accessories as clothes and shoes bought in specialized shop. And the last but not least of tips is to start slowly. What does it mean? Nothing more than not start running from running but frm walking. Walks will prepare body for the effort especially when before „owner” of that body spent time in front of computer and going everywhere by car. For those who already have a bit of experience in sport, good recomendation is to start by running slowly for few minutes each day trying to run few minutes longer every another day.

To Succeed

No matter what we start, we always expect the reward. For runners the reward is their health. Runners loose weight and they got much better benefit which will let them to live longer and to live happily. So don’t hesitate to start and don’t run away from running.

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  1. Mike says:

    I love running and I can’t imagine a day without even 30 minutes of running.

  2. Laura says:

    I didn’t understand that untill I tried – running is my passion.

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