For better and for worst

It won’t be about marriage but about sport. Even in that type of activity people has beter nad worst moments and it is important to understand that after a bad time sun will come. So you have chosen to be one of the runners and what next? Start from preparing your body and also clothes for that occasion.

Weather is changing

A lot of people choose to start something new, in that case running, from Monday. They make a plan, they are enhousiastic and than Monday come and…..nothing happens because it’s raining outise or maybe it’s too hot so they stay in ed sleeping longer in the morning. Don’t d that. Don’t let the weather to ruin your plans and buy clothes to run in the raing or when ot’s snowing. Run early in the morning when it’s a hot day and wear breathable clothes as a T-shirt and running shorts. Remember about a pair of shoes that convince the temperaturę outose and the terrain you’ve chosen to run into. In the evening you will need comfortable hoodie and of course a safety band that will let the drivers to see you in the dark. Don’t change your plans when it’s snowing, you like winter, isn’t it? Take a pair od thermal gloves and a winter hat tor balaclava – great invention for frosty days.

Good mood

Wake up in the morning, take your clothes and go out. Start with a bit of walking or slowly jogging to wake up and than continue untill you will feel that you’re not sleepy anymore, that suni s sunshing in your minds even if it’s raining heavily outside. Your mood will change, you body will change, you will feel the energy you got from running.

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  1. Paul says:

    Oh my, weather sometimes can destroy my plans but I’ll try to fight with it.

  2. Runner says:

    I bought a jacket for cold days and I can tell which one is that.

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