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Whatever you plan the hardest moment is to start – than step by step you go ahead and very often you never stop. The same thing is with running. That’s one of the most popular sports last years – that’s good information for all those who wants to start and they still didn’t take a decision.


New in running can feel a bit pushed into something thet don’t understand – talking about all new items they need to buy. But everybody has his own intelligence and they can decide on their own what’s exactly basic for runners. There is only one, main thing you really have to buy it means a new pair of sport shoes. Clothes are also important so try on comfortable trousers, breathable t-shirt and if you’re a woman don’t forget about sport bra to keep your breasts in great condition. Finding a shop for runners you can ask profesionalist about everything. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, don’t be afraid of trying few pairs of shoes untill the moment you will find a perfect one which seems to be made especially for your feet. Generaly that’s all you need but you can also look for some accessories which are good to motivate. Use application on your mobile to see the distance you run and to show the result to your friends.



After all you have just read above you could say „ ok, I know everything, I have everything” but try to find sometihing more, something that will help you to be happy of what you do. That thing can be one of accesories as a bottle for water, armband for MP3 or a backpack. Choose and buy all what you think is needed.

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  1. Paul says:

    Very helpful article, I will look for a specialized shop because I need new pair of shoes.

  2. Nicole says:

    What kind of bottle will be handy?

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