Be the winner…

….even if you are just a beginner. Making choices in life isn’t easy but that’s one of parts of our lives. So every day you choose: what to eat, where to go, what will be the best for your health or what will make you feel great and happy. be an optimist and choose running as your hobby nad passion that change you and your vision of the world.


Do I really need it?

If you ask that question trying to buy new pair of running socks than the answer is „ yes”. Running socks seems to be one of those accessories you don’t need to order on a webiste for runners. But honestly, they are necessary to keep your feet in good condition and to feel comfrotable during running. That type of accessories have to be light and breathable. Runners prefer to have free hands so having a choice it’s good to choose camalback than a bottle for water. Camelback keeps water inside, is light and has few more pockets for earphones, money o rany other details you need to take with you going out. There is one more thing that is not so osbnious to look for it – laces. Elastic laces are easy to use and they stay on a place for the whole time, thete is no need to stop and they are are also fast to lock because of a clip.

Don’t change your mind

Starting something new you need to be motivated but also patient. Choosing running patience is very important because you will not see the results just after few days, you need to practise a bit longer to let your body understand the changes. After that, adrenalinę will do the job sending you positive signals and you will win your life.

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  1. Becky says:

    I want to know more about elastic laces, can smbd anwesr me for few questions?

  2. Andrew says:

    I use a bottle for water and it suits me perfectly.

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